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Methanamine, N-methyl- Polymer with (chloromethyl)oxirane

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Dimethylamine-epichlorohydrin copolymer
CAS NO.39660-17-8

Other names:
   Methanamine, N-methyl-
   Polymer with (chloromethyl)oxirane;Dimethylamine
   Epichlorhydrin polymer
   Polyquaternary ammonium salt
   Chlorination polythelene 2-hydroxypropyl-1
   Anti-swelling agent, Clay control agent, drilling lubricating agent
Appearance: Light transparent viscous liquid
PH value: 7-9
Solid content (Solids/%) 70±2
Thermostability, shear resistance. not sensitive to the PH. be miscible with water in any proportion.
Purpose and Advantages 
1. It belongs to the New Water treatment high polymer flocculant which has high molecular weight and good stability.
2. Be used for SBR of emulsion polymerization. it is also a good demulsifier. It can promote colloid hue better.
3. Be widely used as anti-swelling agent , drilling lubricating agent, clay control agent, and sewage treatment flocculants in oil collection.
4. The product has excellent effect of color removal, that be suitable for the sewage decolonization in textile dyeing and printing. As it can substantially reduce the COD content in industrial wastewater, it is a better Green Initiative Product.
5. It can used as biocide in cooling water system. It can kill or restrain alga. It is the most effective Slime control agent.
6. It is also the antifogging agent and antistatic agent of glass surface.