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deswelling agent, clay controller, drilling lubricant

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Epichlorohydrin -diethanolamine
Alias: Epichlorohydrin –diethanolamine, Polyquaternium, poly 2- Hydroxypropyl -1,1-N- diethanolamine chloride, deswelling agent, clay controller, drilling lubricant
Appearance:   light color transparent viscous liquid
pH value: 7~9
Solid content(%):70±2
Thermal resistance, shear resistance, insensitive to pH value, miscibility with water in any proportion
Applications and advantages:
It is a novel polymer flocculant for water treatment with high molecular weight, good stability and absorption and bridge effect.
It is a coagulant for styrene-butadiene rubber latex, and also a good deemulsifying agent which can improve the hue of rubber latex.
It is widely used as deswelling agent, drilling agent, clay controller and flocculant for water treatment in oil drilling & production.
It is suitable for decolorization of dyeing and finishing effluents with good flocculation capacity and decolorization efficiency, high COD removal and environment friendly.
Used as a biocide for cooling water system to kill or inhibit the algae growth, and an efficiency clay controller.
Anti-fog agent and anti-static agent.